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Here is the link: Momtaku

She is making some awesome bunnies and doing a giveaway once she gets to 100 likes and shares!

My daughter’s have some of her bunnies and they adore them!

Thank you!!

Are You Ready for BrickUniverse? (Plus amazing savings!)

Do you love LEGO‘s?? If so are you ready to be awed, amazed and surrounded by them?
I know I am!!!


If not, get ready, because BrickUniverse is coming November 14 and 15 to Dallas, TX!!!


Get ready release the builder within at BrickUniverse Dallas.

It’s the ultimate LEGO lover’s paradise that will take over the Irving Convention Center on November 14 and 15.

Choose from Saturday or Sunday admission, and experience hands-on LEGO attractions and activities built to inspire, educate, and entertain.


This fun, family-friendly event will have tons of amazing LEGO creations to gawk at, building zones to unleash your creative energy, guest speakers and more in the LEGO theater, and vendors selling the latest LEGO sets, minifigures, and accessories.


Click here to save $15 off Admisson tickets!!!

(Under 2 years of age is free!!)

So it’s 4AM. Whose up with me?

Yep. It’s 4AM here. I should have been in bed hours ago. Guess what? I haven’t been also asleep yet. I decided to stay up and finish my show, which then turned into watching about 3 more episodes on top of that.

Finally decided I needed to stop, so here I am sitting in the bathroom, hiding from the world, writing this to the world. What a cliché right?

I should be hurrying up. Getting my 11 month old up from get ever so sweet slumber and letting her nurse, hoping she doesn’t realize she’s half way away. Like seriously though, my boobs are full and hurt. But there is that other part, in the back of my mind, that just really doesn’t want to get her up. I just really want her to wean, even though the thought of it kills me. Because it makes me feel special and needed knowing I’m what’s keeping her nourished and alive.

Then there is my husband. I should have went to bed with him. Cuddled up and feel asleep hours ago. Now by the time I’m finally in the best part of my slumber, if it ever comes, he will be getting up to get ready and go to work, so he can work the day away while I stay home with the girls. Hard to believe we’ve been married almost 2 years now! We love, we laugh, we Fight! Some days are better than others.

Anyways I guess I better force myself out of the mobile world and back into my life reality. I shall tippy toe in and wrap my arms around my sweet baby so she can suckle and sleep. Then as I lay her back to sleep, check on the others and rest in peace knowing they are all safely tucked in. After all is said and done I’ll crawl in bed and under the covers, get next to my sweetie and try and slumber till he wakes in the morning hours.

What about you?

I’m Back (Part-Time). Whose still with me?

As most of you may have noticed, I haven’t been around much for the last few months. I think I got in to deep and went to fast. I originally started this blog as a place to vent and talk about cool things. I ended up getting so involved that I made it my priority instead of spending time with my kids and husband like I need to. Also housework went majorly downhill and apparently I became mean momma 🙁

So I temporarily backed up and refused to even get on here for a few months. Now my older two children are about to start school next month, leaving me only the youngest two at home. So I’m hoping I’ll have a little free time to get back into blogging some. I’m not sure what I’ll be blogging about specifically. It’ll still be things that interest me and mostly related to kids and family stuff. I’ve found some cool stuff over the summer and I do plan on posting some reviews about it on here!

Anyways I guess my point is, I’m back. Not sure how much I’ll be writing right now, but I will be here! I would love to know whose still around. Feel free to leave me a comment if your still here!

The Minbie Difference – Bottle Fed or Breastfed

There are so many bottles out there to choose from. How do you know which one to pick, which one to work, which ones to even try? Then there is the thought, what if bottle feeding causes nipple confusion because I am breastfeeding my child? What if they won’t go back to the breast after they get a bottle? These are all questions mothers near and far, present, past and future ask. Although this isn’t the answer to them all, this is a start: Minbie.

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Buzz the Stress Away with God’s Garden Products

With school out and summer upon us, it means the kids are home all the time. This in turn leads to more messes, more cleaning, and more being outside, and that’s the least of things! What does all this sum up to? Fun, stress, fun, and bugs!!

Yes, I wish there was a magic solution to clean house while I lovingly watched the kids play outside in the sunny bug free amazing weather, but in my part of the country most of that hasn’t happened yet. Here it’s been filled with rain, rain, oh and more rain. Even when it stops it’s so muddy outside its hard for the kids to play without getting caked in mud or eaten alive by the bugs who love this muggy weather. Did I also mention my back porch is filled with a garden, which I love, but it also brings way more bugs!

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